Climate strategy from A to Zero

You don’t need a Master’s degree to work with climate performance. What you need is actionable, comparable, fresh insights. No matter where you are in your climate journey,  navigate to zero quicker and with a real impact.

Food supply chains are unique

The food system has developed over centuries into a complex network with millions of nodes. The network has pathways to communicate price and quality; the food network has no pathways to exchange climate performance information. Acting on climate performance today is an information problem that depends on 2 billion people exchanging climate performance seamlessly.

Problem solved.

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A climate roadmap for your targets

Different organizations have different supply chains, targets, goals, needs. Craft your climate strategy to fit your organization’s profile.

Where do you fit in best?


Different brands, hundreds of products, high targets? Future-proof your climate performance to match your ambition.


Leading the industry to net-zero? Set up the right infrastructure for your network and oversee emissions from farm to shelf.

Food brand

Stand out among the crowd of choices and give consumers what they demand from the industry: Climate transparency.

Supply chain

...or the vast majority of your emissions. Command Scope 3 with the right infrastructure.

Food product emissions
at farm

The majority of food product emissions is at the farm gate, far from consumers and  mainstream claims,  beyond the control of food brands.

Companies reporting on supply chain emissions

Emissions along the supply chain (Scope 3) are notoriously difficult to measure and disclose. Yet it’s the biggest reduction opportunity.

Consumers demanding sustainable products

Consumers are willing to change their purchasing behavior and pay a premium for sustainable, transparent products. Ready to capture the demand?



We decided to calculate the climate footprint of our products with CarbonCloud, to focus on the number that drives the food system change.

Annika Hansson
Sustainability Reporting Senior Manager, Oatly

TENZING Natural Energy

We wanted to educate ourselves, get ahead of regulations and be a leader in this space. That’s why we started working with CarbonCloud because we believe climate footprints are the future.

Emily Gander
Head of Communications & Sustainability at TENZING Natural Energy

Future farm

Climate performance is not differentiation, it’s something that allows you to play – we wouldn’t be able to play in some leagues without climate performance. It is utterly important for every business that wants to keep existing.

Pedro Zuim
Marketing Director EMEA & APAC, Future Farm

Climate transparency: All you need to know

One thing for us to say “a product cannot be carbon neutral” and expect you to take our word for it and another to present the facts. So we took the time to present the full ar



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